This entitles you for a trip to Newlands Lodge, on the White River.  To redeem, call 800.334.5604 to schedule your trip--and
remember to  "catch one for me"!   295 River Road, Lakeview Arkansas 72642



Simply Type Your Description of the trip you would like to present to someone into the box above, perhaps something like the following:

"Deluxe trip for 4 persons, compliments of Acme Company"

Then you can print-out this form on your own printer, cut on the line above and trim the excess parts, and have it ready to give out (of course, we can print it and send it to you, if you want).  You can then send us the money for the trip.   What better way to show appreciation to a friend or relative than a "gift certificate" at Newlands?    If you have any questions, just contact us