Test Your Shoe Throwing...

abilities at our horseshoe pits. We have three of them, and they are lighted, so you can play as late as you wish. We also have "washer boards" available.

Backyard Rules

In backyard horseshoes, the only rules are to have fun! However, there are some common rules that are used by many backyard horseshoe pitchers.

  • The games is played to 21 points. The first person to 21 points wins.
  • To determine which horseshoe player pitches first, one horseshoe pitcher will ask the other horseshoe pitcher heads or tails and then flip a horseshoe in the air. If the horseshoe lands cleats side up, that is heads.
  • The winner of the horseshoe toss will pitch first.
  • Once both horseshoe players throw, you will need to review the score
    • Ringer = 5 points
    • Leaner = 3 points
    • The closest shoe within a horseshoe width from the stake = 1 point
  • Different Scoring Scenarios
    • If Player 1 and Player 2 both get a ringer = 0 Points
    • If Player 1 gets 2 ringers and Player 2 only gets 1 ringer = 5 Points for Player 1
    • If Player 1 has a ringer and Player 2 has a ringer that is closest to the stake = 5 Points for Player 1, 0 Points for Player 2
  • The player that doesn't score goes first. If no one scores, whoever went first during the last pitch, goes first again.

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