Here are some of the cooks you might see at Newlands. We provide you with the option of "requesting" certain cooks; or, conversely, to "bar" certain other cooks that might not fit in. Being in a "service" business, we respect your choices and try to do what we can to make your experience meet your expectations. Maybe you will have something in common with and, therefore, desire to receive the services of one in particular:

Daniel Urban

Born 1986. Grew up around Mountain Home, Arkansas.
Have done some work with dry-wall.
My philosophy is, "Cook Till You Make Them Happy".

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David Beard

More to follow soon.

Doyle Beard

Born '46 in Norfork AR (also grew up there). Three grown kids. Taught elementary school for 32 years (last teacher in Ark to teach in one-room school).
I always strive to put the customer first, and to make the food not only taste good but also be appealing. Doyle has had some health problems of late, and has not been able to cook, and he has since passed away.

Kenny Ross

Born 1958. Grew up around Marshall, Arkansas. Married with two grown sons.<br />Worked at everything from carpentry to cotton ginning, factory work and auto detailing.<br />Cooking is the best yet. "Feed 'em good, keep 'em happy!"

Lonnie Tilley

Born: 1958. Grew up along the White River. Was in the US Air Force. Has done a lot of "concrete work". I'm a good "river-cook" and "river-guide".

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