Since Newlands is a fishing lodge specializing...

in package deluxe plans (guided fishing, meals and lodging for 2 days and 2 nights), for trips (on weekends) less than our deluxe plan, reservations are confirmed no more than 30 days prior to date. Our season is basically from March through November. Hardly any of our large groups plan any events around holidays (Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving.) So these are times (along with Dec, Jan and Feb) we can guarantee lodging longer than 30 days.

Do What ???????????

Just what do you mean--"30 day notice"? The further ahead I make my reservation, the better? Right?

Well, at Newlands--Wrong! Our "core" business is the deluxe plan (lodging, meals, guided fishing). Several groups take up our whole place. We've been in a position in the past where we would have maybe two or three of our lodges booked for "lodging only". Then we'd receive a call from a large group wanting our deluxe trip, and we'd have to turn them down. It's a little like "making hay while the sun shines". Most will have made reservations at least 30 days ahead of time. We realize this may not work out for your plans, and we certainly understand.

What we can do is book your reservation, subject to a 30 day confirmation. We also accept your deposit (of course, it is refundable if a large group calls). If no other groups (as mentioned above) ask for the same dates, we'll release the facilities and confirm your reservation...30 days in advance from the desired dates. If a large group calls after the 30 days, we simply tell them we don't have availability.

We hope this does not sound arrogant on our part, and we appreciate your business very much. We just feel that while this is a seasonal business, we must try to capitalize on our best options.

Possibly this analogy might further clarify: President Herbert Hoover was an avid fisherman, and he wrote, "All men are equal before fish...though some class distinctions do exist: dry-fly devotees hold a bit superior to wet-fly; wet-fly to spinner; spinners to bait. However, toward the end of the day with no strikes, each social level collapses in turn down the scale until it gets some fish for supper." Using the same wording, Newlands booking policy might read, "All customers are equal and appreciated...though some class distinctions do exist: our deluxe package plan hold a bit superior to lodging and fishing only; lodging and fishing only to lodging only. However, the closer the time gets toward the specific date, each social level collapses in turn down the scale until we have customers at Newlands".

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