Guides you might see at Newlands

Here are some of the guides you might see at Newlands.  We provide you with the option of requesting certain guides; or, conversely, to bar certain other guides that might not fit in.  Being in a service business, we respect your choices and try to do what we can to make your experience meet your expectations.    Maybe you will have something in common with and, therefore, desire to receive the services of one in particular:

Billy Joe Beard

Born - 1953; raised on White River at Norfork; worked as Boiler Maker for several years. Started guiding in 1980. "I'm out there for the customer".

Bill Kovac

Born in St. Louis. Son Will 27, daughter Kim 25. Spent 38 years managing heavy construction for site development. Have been fishing the White River since my early twenties. My goal is to make every customer happy that they chose Newlands because our goal is to make sure you have a memorable trip that will will have you visiting again.

Bob "Colonel" Klink

Born 1951; grew up in Illinois and Florida; has done commercial and sport fishing, chauffeuring and construction (Teamster); "my customers always come first, always! catch lots of fish; a happy customer tells their friends--an unhappy one tells everyone".

Burl Cox

Born '33; grew up in Marion County (around Crooked Creek) of North central Arkansas; one son, Lonnie; known for his coon dog jokes; a true gentleman of the river; "I just tried to act naturally, not putting on a show...never mistreating anybody. I've met a lot of wonderful people and have had a lot of's been a great life." Burl died in Jan'05.

Buzz Reeves

Born 1960.  Grew up and live in Pyatt Arkansas.  Married, two girls. 
Has done lots of pipe welding, carpenter work, and farming.  
Philosophy on guiding - "...just have fun and catch fish, and enjoy time spent on the river."  Watch Buzz "clean trout".

Carl Meeks

Born '41; grew up around Newton, Illinois; two children; "I like to fish hard and make up lies."

Chancey Wilson

Born: 1982. Grew up in the Ozarks. Background in "marine mechanics". My philosophy is, "A Sportsman Always Catches and Releases".

Charlie Willett

More to follow soon.

Chris Curley

More to follow soon.

Daryl Beard

Born 1965; grew up around Mountain Home Arkansas; has worked for several years as a pest controller; "I believe in pleasing the customer".

David Smale

Loves to hunt and fish; does cabinet woodworking when not hunting or fishing.

Derek Stroot

Born 1980;

Grew up in St Louis; married, no kids; Loves to fish; been fishing since in diapers;

"Make sure my clients have a great time!"; I'm all about what the customer wants to do. Catch big fish or many small ones.

Donnie Haynes

Born: 1969. Grew up in Mountain Home and Gassville Arkansas area. I have four boys, and one wife. I like to "...have fun, catch good fish, and be safe".

Eddie Bansemer

Born: 1944.

Spent many years fishing and hunting the Ozark Streams & Mountains. A very gentle and kind man. Eddie passed away in November 2016.

Fred Polich

Born '40; grew up Peoria IL; son of coal miner and seamstress. Love my hometown...visit when I can; 2 children; Main profession is education; also part-time guide for 30 years; I truly enjoy being a fishing guide and always put the customer first; enjoy helping others to learn techniques of catching trout; have a competitive spirit, like most guides, and this is a benefit for out fishermen.

Gary Thornberg

Born:'42 in a log cabin in Tenn; Grew up in IL and IN; Worked for John Deere 31 yrs; 2 boys; 1 girl; 1 grandson; Came to Ozarks on vacations; Specializes in "fly" fishing; "Guide it like you find it, cook what you're eating, and eat what you're cooking".

Glen Bucher

"I try to improve my customers trout fishing skills and to give reasons why, so they will leave being a better fisherman than when they came. I try to instruct on how to catch better quality of fish".

Greg Peterson

Born 1958 in California Owner of a commercial plumbing business for 25 years. "To insure that no matter what skill level, that they have an enjoyable time."

James Peveto

Born 1983. Grew up in Bull Shoals. My goal is to treat every customer with respect to the fullest; to be professional and dress professional; to protect our waters at all times.

Jim Cockerel

Jim Cockerel.  Born 1956.  Grew up around Calico Rock, Arkansas. 
Worked in guiding, then telecommunications.  Now back to guiding again so I can also take care of my mother in her old age.
I really enjoy guiding...taking people out and watching the joy they get in catching fish.  And also meeting people from all over the US.

Jimmy Caple

Born '50 in Little Rock; Served four years in Marines; 2 tours Vietnam; helicopter crew chief; Four boys; likes to scuba dive, fish & hunt; "I enjoy guiding; I like to make sure customers have a good time, which sometimes can be a challenge." Jimmy died in July, 2013.

Jimmy Curtis

He is really a quiet, laid-back fellow...and easy to get along with; has one daughter, Amy; does roofing jobs when not guiding, or hunting.

Jonce Trimble

Born '50; grew up in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri; six sons, 11 grandkids; I was a teacher and coach for six years; been in recreation and tourism since '63; I like to, "fish your way"; I'm "still a teacher" and love families and kids.

Jordan Hall

Born 1986. Grew up around Yellville Arkansas. Was raised on a farm. Grew up hunting and fishing. The customer's come first. If you go by that, everything else falls into place.

John Moore

Born 1964. Grew up around Lakeview Arkansas. I've been a truck-driver and river-guide. I try to make sure customers have the "best time ever". John passed away in Feb, 2011.

"Big John" Wahler

Born '55; grew up around Kansas City till age 14, then moved to Arkansas; seven children; "I treat the customer the way I would want to be treated". Big John passed away in April, 2011.

Kenny Peveto

More to follow soon.

Kevin Brantiones

Born: Feb 1968; Grew up on "southside" of Chicago. I think it was '74 when my father brought his family down to the White River; some of my fondest childhood memories come from those summer vacations. The fishing was so good, he brought us down every year and eventually retired here. I moved to Flippin in May of 2001, after 15 years in the securities business...I realized I needed a change. Started guiding the river and never looked back. Fishing is a passion for me, and taking people fishing is the best job I've ever had. I've guided for Newlands starting in 2004, and it's always been a pleasure. I can "bait" fish with you, or maybe take you "fly" fishing which is my true love - either way you can be assured that "my obsession" is "you". Have a wonderful day.

Mike Simundic

Howdy, my name is Michael W. Simundic, but they call me Walking Eagle, lol. I started fishing on the waters in north central Arkansas in 1965. I grew up in the Chicago area. My grand parents on my side were form the boot heal of MO. Then they retierd here in Mt. Home. Spent a lot of summers here fishing the white and the north fork rivers. I had to go to Vietnam and lost a few years. Until I came home to the Ozarks. For the past 30 years I have loved to watch folks catch trout - might be a brown or rainbow. The best is to watch a child get a good one. The look in their eyes, the smile on their face. It is great. I try hard to show a good way to catch the best, we can get to bite. I now make fishing lures, to Help Disabled Veterans. THEY really do catch fish.

Phil Friese

I'm fifty four years old, married to a wonderful woman Benicia. We have between us a total of 5 children 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I was raised in St. Louis and grew up fishing the Mississippi River in the Alton Lake area, Piasa Creek. I was a police officer for several years in both the U.S. Army as an M.P. and a patrol officer in the St. Louis City Police Department. I spent 20 years as a corporate sales trainer/supervisor and finally in 2004 relocated to Bull Shoals.

Rick Helmus

Born 1952; Grew up in Wisconsin & Illinois. Three grown kids. Philosophy on guiding - "ain't got nothing better to do".

Ron Roderick

Born 1969 in Malibu, CA; Grew up in St Louis. Two daughters, Madison & Ashlyn. Philosophy on guiding - "It's something unpredictable. But in the end it's right - hope you had the time of your life!".

Steve Scarlett

also known as "Mountain Man": Born '50; grew up around the rivers and creeks of Arkansas; background has been that of a mountain man, never much good at anything else. I like to eat good food including "possums" and catch lots of fish.

Tim Jeffrey

Born 1965; grew up around Batesville Arkansas. Likes to guide.

T.J. Frein

More info to follow.

Travis Cox

Born 1971. Grew up in Mountain Home Arkansas. Worked a lot in construction. I have a beautiful daughter (born 1991). I try to respect others fishing. It's all about the customers having a good time. Most everybody can catch fish. Some can catch big fish, but making sure the customers have a good time is the most important.

Tyler Dost

More info to follow.

White River Slim

Born '39; Grew up in Illinois and Canada; Ten children 5/5; started guiding in Canada on Lake of the Woods; tries to get customers to relax and catch fish; I like to spin yarns and make everyone feel like family; everyone enjoys my company, and comes back for more. Slim (Bob Seidell) died on Aug 25, 2010.

Willard Stoops

More to follow soon.

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