All equipment, bait, tackle and licenses
are available, (tour our office) to professionally outfit your group. Link up with your guide and proceed on down toward the river (tour from our boat ramp).   A little further toward the river, if the generators aren't running, take in the majesty of the White (tour our foggy river).  Go out on our dock (tour our dock) and get even closer to these trout infested waters...over a million trout are stocked in the White River each year.   So get ready to catch your share. 

Any type of bait
- flies, worms, spoons, spinners, etc) may be utilized in most areas. Usually, spin-cast tackle is used. One of the main factors, since trout have such good eyesight, is to use light lines (4-6 lb).   Keep in mind the water levels fluctuate a lot in the White River.  Also, you have options relating to your itenerary.

People have different expectations
when they come to Newlands.  We've tried to identify and categorize your goals under the following concepts:

Take Your Customers Fishing--It's Good Business 
Join Your Friends Fishing--It Makes Good Camaraderie
Take Your Family Fishing--It Makes Good Memories



Additional fishing any for more info:

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