Our Climate

Spring (mid-March thru mid-June):

Avg High around 80; Avg Low around 65. Bring medium weight jackets. Spring is a time when wide varieties of birds come here and the whole of nature wakes up from a winter sleep. The buds show up on the trees and wonderful tiny white flowers on dogwood trees. And everything seems to be so cheerful and merry. You just enjoy watching it.

Summer (mid-June thru mid-September):

Avg High around 90; Avg Low around 72. The humidity can be on the high side. Maybe bring light jackets for the mornings, and shorts. Summer brings us a lot of sun and warm and even hot weather. Everything is green and full of life. Local orchards produce wonderful peaches and nectarines.

Fall (mid-September thru mid-November):

Avg High around 75; Avg Low around 55. Bring medium weight jackets. Autumn is a time of Spectacular Fall Foliage. Absolutely breathtaking scenery!!!

Winter (mid-November thru mid-March):

Avg High around 55; Avg Low around 35. There can be lots of nice days...and several not so nice. Most people don't like to be here if the weather's bad, and one option (if you have the chance) is a "spontaneous trip" where you have a short term idea what the weather is going to be like, and then come to Newlands. At some weather sites, you can get a pretty good idea about seven days in advance. Bring insulated cover-alls, gloves, hats, boots. In the winter you enjoy peace and quite of a sleeping nature, cool and fresh air and even maybe snowing. While it is true that some days may be pretty chilly and all you want to do is stay at your lodge next to the fire place and watch the snowfall, it is also true that we have a lot of sunny, bright winter days when you can enjoy the winter scenery and going fishing.

This Chart gives statistical data for Arkansas:

So, come anytime. Newlands is open all the time for you and your satisfaction. Check out the weather and how to get to our mountain-water paradise.

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