When you first drive up

this is what you will see. Just over the bank is a beautiful view of the White River.

We also have this listed on VRBO.

Another outside view -

Looking up from the river...

this lodge (1424 square feet) is really "nestled" in the trees. In fact one tree comes up right between two parts of the roof. This is a very nice lodge.

View of the Living Room and Kitchen

Each lodge has cable TV with built-in VCR and DVD.

Lodge 1 is...

four bedrooms and two baths (one has jaccuzi tub). This lodge has seven "full size" beds and one "twin size" bed. One bedroom has an especially nice view of the river. Additionally, one bed is "extra-long" and it's located in our "C" bedroom (our bedrooms are lettered A-D).

View of White River...

from the porch of Lodge 1. This picture was taken in September.

Standing at river's edge, looking up...

towards Lodge 1 (left picture). And (right picture) a view of the river looking downstream (notice the circle where the fish had just surfaced).

Wheelchair Accessible...

This lodge is "semi-Wheelchair Accessible". There are a couple small steps at the entrance and we have ramps. The most narrow part getting back to the accessible bath is the bath door itself, which measures 27 3/4 inches.

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